How to Fix Edge not working on VPN on Windows 10?

How to Fix Edge not working on VPN on Windows 10?

VPN allows you to access geo-blocked content and display your IP as originating from a different location. VPN offers a safe tunnel that all the traffic is routed through. But the most popular MS Edge web browser still experiences issues on VPN. So, here are some fixes to solve this issue.

Turn off Default Gateway on Remote Network

Users can try turning off their default gateway to connect to the remote network. Here are the steps for it:

Navigate to the Settings application on the system.
After that, you should access the Network and Internet option.
Then choose the ‘Change adapter options.’
Go to the VPN adapter and right-click on it then choose the Properties option.
You have to access the Networking section.
Thereafter, click on the ‘Internet Protocol version 4’ option.
Click on the Properties option.
Once you reach the new screen, select the button of Advanced.
Now, don’t forget to uncheck the box of ‘Use default gateway on the remote network.’

Modify the VPN Media Status Settings

Those who are keen to modify the VPN media status settings, can follow the directions given below:

Navigate to the network connections option.
After that, select the VPN connection and right-click on it.
You can then click on the Properties option.
Choose the button to Configure the settings.
Reach the Advanced section and click on it.
Click on the option of Media Status that will be present in the list of Property.
Later, adjust it to ‘Always Connected.’
Now, click on the OK button.

Using Stable, Efficient VPN Provider

Sometimes, the issue lies with your VPN provider. If you are looking to change your service provider, follow the steps below:

Start by navigating to the Private Internet Access tool and download it.
After that, install it on the system.
You have to link to the preferred VPN server.
Later, launch the Edge browser and try to access your favorite sites.

PIA is one of the best service providers when it comes to VPN. It meets all your criteria for a VPN service provider. If you cannot make MS Edge link to the Internet through a VPN, you can give PIA a shot.