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How To Fix Error 0xc1900130 In Windows 10

How To Fix Error 0xc1900130 In Windows 10

Updating windows 10 updates on your personal computer can sometimes be tricky. Have you ever been surprised with the “Error 0xc1900130” message when you were trying to download or install a particular update in windows 10? Don’t worry. This article will show you how to get yourself out of such a situation successfully. So keep reading.

How to Fix Error 0xc1900130 in your Windows 10 Personal Computer

Suppose something interrupted your internet connection when your download was almost hitting the 100% mark. Your computer interprets this outage as an “Error 0xc1900130”. The “Error 0xc1900130” can be a result of various causes, including;

An internet interruption during a downloading process.
Inadequate free disk space for downloading and installing the updates.
Our advice is that before you try fixing the “Error 0xc1900130”, it would be necessary to ensure that you have enough space on your disc and everything regarding the internet connection is perfect. Here are the main methods for fixing this error.

Running the Windows 10 Update Troubleshooter

This method requires you to run Microsoft Windows 10 update troubleshooter tool in Administrator mode. You will achieve this by following the following easy steps;

On your PC, go to the start icon and proceed to settings. Then click the Update & security icon, then the troubleshooting icon and finally the windows update icon.
Restart the computer and try to start the installation again.
Re-create the windows updates store folder.

In this method, you may have to force Windows to begin downloading existing updates from scratch. Here are the steps;

Press the Windows and R keys simultaneously.
Once the run command box is open, type “services.msc” in it and press the enter key.
While the cursor is on the Windows Update section, right-click the service and select the stop icon.
Find your way to the “C:\Windows folder once the windows explorer is open.
Highlight the “Software Distribution” folder and delete it. While at the “Folder Access Denied” window, click continue.
Restart your PC, download and run the Windows Update Troubleshooter.
Install the Windows updates after rebooting the computer.
Turning off the Windows Developer Mode

Follow these simple steps to solve “Error 0xc1900130” within a short time

Proceed to your PC’s settings, then to Update and Security. On the left, you will see “For Developers”. Select it.
On the right side, select the “Sideload Apps”.
At this point, turn on app sideloading after clicking the “Yes” icon.
Go to settings again, then Apps, then Apps and Features and then manage optional features.
Click uninstall after clicking at Windows Developer Mode.
Finally, attempt the Update’s installation again after restarting the PC.

As mentioned earlier, we recommend you always ensure you have adequate space on your free disc even before attempting to fix the “Error 0xc1900130”. Also, ensure you have a steady internet connection. That’s it.

Epson Event Manager Software

Epson Event Manager Software

Brief background information: Epson event manager is published by Epson and is freeware hence does not require a license. It is compatible with the operating systems of windows 7/8/10. The last update of the software was done on February 16, 2020. This software is used as support to different Epson scanners. Some of the tasks it accomplishes are scanning as PDF, scanning to PC, and scanning to email. This application can be accessed from the action tray but, it runs in the background. They help in printing jobs with different colors, layouts, and sizes. It ensures that there is an optimization of printer and computer connections.

Benefits of Epson Event Manager Software

It helps to effectively and efficiently network printers, and this reduces WAN traffic. This increases the network efficiency of the user.
The software offers helpful troubleshooting tools.
The software gives the printers’ uptime a boost.
Regarding printer queues, the software offers integration of a centralized control system.
It has ensured reliability due to networking and automation of printer tasks.
The software ensures efficiency since it facilitates commends from the computers to the scanners that are connected.

The software is still new in the market, and many people do not understand how it functions. Below are some of the frequently asked questions on the software.

1. Is the software compatible with all printers and scanners?

The old models are not compatible, and therefore they do not fit into the required criteria. The software is only compatible with advanced scanner and printer models.

2. eeventmanager.exe; what is it?

Eeventmanager.exe is an executable process advanced by SEIKO EPSON. It is unnecessary for windows but, it is not advisable to remove it unless it has a problem. It takes up to 17.36 MB of space.

3. How do you fix eeventmanager.exe?

To avoid problems with the software it is necessary to keep the computer free from viruses. You can determine spyware, Trojan horse, and other malware using a single security rating.

Dri Avast Software

Dri Avast Software

Dri Avast antivirus software protects computers against adware, worms, Trojans, spyware, rootkits, dialers, keyloggers, and viruses. It scans every file or program and removes any threats before installing them on your computer. The best thing is that you can get a free version and enjoy some protection. However, the free Dri Avast version offers basic protection, and you, therefore, require a paid package to access features such as browsing and Firewall protection.

Benefits of Avast Software

• Password Management

Effective password management is one of the steps to stay safe from hackers. Unfortunately, even though it is the easiest way to put protection measures in place, it is also your computer’s most targeted security area. When using Avast, the software addresses the problem by enabling you to manage your passwords effectively.

• Faster connections

Some antivirus software slows your computer’s speed. But Avast is a strong software system that doesn’t slow your computer connection.

• Wi-Fi Inspections

Malware and virus attack your computer in different ways. WiFi is one of them; strangers can access your devices through your WiFi connection. Luckily, Avast protects your computer against such.

• Notifications Management

Avast allows you to have control over notifications. You can stop pop-ups and enjoy a good time when watching a movie, playing a game, or working. It has a ‘Do Not Disturb Mode’ and temporary option to silence all the notifications you find unnecessary.

Limitations of Avast Antivirus

• Minimal support

When you need feedback regarding your computer’s security, Avast customer support is not readily available. It is especially more problematic if you have a free version. If you reach out for help, you should expect many delays and don’t be shocked to receive a solution involving buying something.

• Slow Scans

Avast antivirus software occupies part of your computer’s RAM to scan threats. This slows down the performance of your system. You will notice the slow speed, especially when playing games or editing videos.

• Inability to give 100% protection

A free version of Avast will not give your computer 100% protection against various malware and viruses. It is not enough for heavily targeted computers.

Avast Antivirus Packages

Avast antivirus software versions are reasonably priced. It has a free package, and two paid versions. Avast premium costs $ $49.99 annually, and Avast Ultimate is $79.99 annually.

Avast antivirus software offers excellent protection, but you have to pay to access their best antivirus solution. It is a popular software system, which means most users are satisfied with the antivirus’ services.

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