PDF Cheaper Than Adobe Software

PDF Cheaper Than Adobe Software

For years Adobe software has enjoyed a market monopoly. Anyone who wanted to enjoy all its services had to buy the complete version. No other software dared invade this territory. But recent innovations have seen a reduction in its price, especially for large businesses.

Also, the software has seen major developments to avoid constant updates. Other cheaper alternatives have emerged over time, offering the same services at a lower price.

In this post we look at PDF cheaper than Adobe Software. We’ll focus on the Foxit Phantom PDF software highlighting its features, benefits and limitations compared to Adobe.

Foxit Phantom PDF

Foxit is Phantom is a powerful PDF software offering an array of features such as document editing. It is the best alternative to Adobe in basic, pro, cloud accounts. The software offers a mobile app for both iOS and android to reach out to more clients.

Using the software allows you to edit, share, and edit a PDF document with so much ease. The free version allows users to add notes, comments, and use text markers. Also, it allows users to insert an authentic digital signature.

Key Features of Foxit Phantom PDF

Superior document editing capacity
Object editing even when offline
Easy conversion from a PDF format to Microsoft office
Allow third party integration to a document
Export and import PDFs to different formats
OCR scanning
PDF signature
Manage several PDF documents
Benefits of Foxit Phantom Software

Foxit Phantom offers its clients a collection of features to meet all their needs when handling PDFs. It can create a PDF and convert documents to different formats & and the reverse. Besides, one can share, edit, and impend a signature on a PDF over the internet.

In addition to the traditional features, it supports 41 languages which distinguish it from the competition. The software allows international customers to interact with users from other countries. Besides, the OCR function allows Foxit Phantom users to edit scanned documents.

Foxit Phantom empowers you to take full control of all your PDF management needs. Its superior functionality allows you to convert your regular document in a word into a PDF format by making a few clicks. Besides, one can create several versions of the document without altering content. One can track who opens a document and the specific sections they accessed and any other action performed on the PDF is recorded.

Limitations of PDF Software

PDF software offers a unique and effective way to protect documents. It is a great idea to store vital information in a file that can be used by all types of devices, but also means the data is secure from prying eyes. However, even this solution isn’t completely safe. In order to work effectively, it needs compatible apps and viewers which are not always available or can be very expensive.

Summing Up

With the above features, its right to say Foxit Phantom is the best alternative to Adobe software both in its pricing and functionality. The software gives you extra freedom to manage and edit a PDF or scanned object with ease, as you do not need special training to work with it.

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