Lightburn Software

Lightburn Software

Lightburn Software is an Australian software development company focused on creating 3D printers.

The company has garnered global attention because of its brilliant selection of features and overall laser printer design, which are well ahead in the market compared to other 3D printers. They have developed valuable features such as a built-in camera for print monitoring, automatic support material generation, automated bed leveling, and many more.

The founder of this company is James Newton, who designs the printer’s hardware and software by himself. He believes in sharing all of his knowledge with the world, which has resulted in a perfect support system for new users in forums. The biggest testament to that is that they have sold 100 printers to date without a single support call.

This company initially started as a garage-based 3D printer business but has grown to be one of the leading companies in Australia. They have been labeled as the world’s most affordable professional-grade desktop 3D laser printer by their founder James Newtons, which is reflected in their pricing. In recent times, the company has expanded globally by making its printers available in North America.

James Newton believes that open-source is the future of 3D printing, which is why he designs everything himself and shares it publicly. He also thinks that anyone should use 3D printers without any problems because they are essential tools for everyone. His company thus provides automatic support generation, auto-bed razing, and a user-friendly hexagon build area as standard features because he believes that they are necessary for usability.

Lightburn Software has been the first to bring these features into 3D printers in a business’s infancy stages. In addition, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee and an 18-month warranty, which is definitely a bonus for new users.


• Great print quality

• Automatic support material generation

• Auto-leveling

• Better design

• Large print volume


• Slightly slower printing speed

• Can only use PLA material


Lightburn Software is a first-rate 3D laser printer for all types of users. It has a powerful print engine and a substantial build area, ideal for professionals and serious hobbyists.

The automatic support material generation feature is superlative, which has not been seen in any other 3D printers, and automatic bed leveling has made many tasks easier for users.

Overall, this 3D laser printer from Lightburn Software is a good buy if you’re looking for great quality prints as well as ease of use.

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