How To Troubleshoot Zoom Call Issues

How To Troubleshoot Zoom Call Issues

Zoom is a video conferencing tool. It is a reliable and secure platform that powers all your communication needs, such as meetings, chats, online events, and webinars.

How Does Zoom Work

Zoom allows users to form and link virtual meeting rooms to communicate using audio and video. Additional features can give the participants the ability to share their files, screen and use text chat within the group or privately with others in the meeting.

You need to have the Zoom app, either Meeting ID or link, and a password to join a Zoom meeting. Besides, you need to set up an account to host a meeting.

How To Register For Zoom

For beginners, here’s a guide on how to Zoom either from your mobile phone or laptop:

• Start on Zoom’s signup page

• Activate your account

• Create your password and account name

• If you wish, you can invite colleagues

• Try a test meeting

• Install the Zoom app. After installation, you’ll see buttons to Sign In or Join a Meeting

• Sign in to the app

Now you are ready to zoom!

A Guide On How To Troubleshoot Zoom Call Issues

Did your Zoom call get disrupted? As with many such programs, you may encounter poor quality audio, frozen screen, latency, and more. We’ve listed some of the steps to solve any Zoom issue you might have.

Check Your Zoom’s Service Status

The Zoom’s Service Status page shows you the current status of each component of Zoom, like video webinars, cloud recording, and meetings. Everything on this page should read Operational. However, you may also see Under Maintenance or Degraded Performance.

Update Zoom

Manually check if you have any issues with Zoom. Get on your profile picture and Check for Updates. If there is an available update, it will download automatically. Afterward, click on Update to install it. Zoom will automatically restart when it is done.

Use The Desktop Client

A downloadable client supports more features that include screen share. In addition, it is more reliable and quicker. If you encounter problems with the web version, switch to the desktop version to solve it.

Check Your Internet Connection

Poor internet connections may make your video or audio keep on lagging out or dropping. To avoid this, always ensure that nothing is draining your connection, such as someone streaming Netflix in the next room or any background downloads.

Stop Echoing Audio

Background noise and echoing audios are the most annoying problems with video conferences. Echoing occurs when you have your microphone too close to the speakers. Alternatively, it can be multiple people have joined the call from the same room.

If you’re the one at fault, we advise you to buy a home office headset to contain your micropone and audio to a single device.


Before the pandemic, many corporations already used the videoconferencing app Zoom for business interviews, meetings, etc. It saw a massive rise in users during 2020 as many people facing long days without contact with friends and family.

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