How To Run Android Applications On Windows

How To Run Android Applications On Windows

Is it possible to run androids apps on windows? Well, the answer is yes, but there is an exception. Not all windows can accept android apps unless the laptop or computer has windows 10. Although Amazon is working on launching some apps that support the launching of android apps to windows 11 and 12, currently, only windows 10 accepts the android apps. Note that the android apps can run on windows with the aid of Bluestack.

What is Bluestack

This is software designed to enable the android apps to run on windows, PCs, Microsoft, and macOS.

Here are different methods on how to run android applications on windows effectively.

Mirror your phone with PC/ windows

This is probably one of the easiest methods to run your phone apps on windows since it requires you to use the apps already installed on your phone.

Here are few steps to follow when mirroring your android to PC

Ensure both devices are connected to a good functioning WIFI

On your PC, search the “connect” setting on the dash and click on it.
On the phone, go to settings, click the display and then scroll down to cast (this is suitable for Android 5,6,7). For Android 8 and above, go to settings, select connected devices and then Cast.
Select the 3 dot menu displayed and then select “enable wireless display.”
Wait for the phone to connect to the PC, and once done, you will see a PC icon on the phone
Tap the PC icon
On the PC, it will display “android (x) is projecting” while showing the connection of the two devices, and there you have it!
Run the apps using Bluestack

This is one of the most effective and mainly used methods for running android apps on windows. However, considering this is the software you are running, there are various features that your PC or laptop should have. The windows should possess an up-to-the-date graphics driver, have an Intel or AD processor, have2 GB RAM, and lastly, have a storage space of not less than 5 GB.

Steps to follow;

Search for Bluestack on your PC browser
Then download it to your PC
Run and save the Bluestack app to your PC, respectively
Once the app downloads and saves, it will automatically start and lead you to the Google store where you are supposed to sign up/in
Then from the Bluestack Google store, download all the android apps you want

These are the two primary methods you can follow to run android applications on windows. But, it is crucial to note that for now, you can only run the android windows on windows 10 using software like Bluestack or mirroring the devices with Windows 10.

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