How To Locate The Routers Ip Address On Windows

How To Locate The Routers Ip Address On Windows

Internet Protocol (IP) address is a unique address that identifies a device on a local network or the internet. It is a numerical number connected to a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication.

It is good to note that an IP address serves two main functions:

• It identifies the host or network interface

• It also provides the location of the host in the network

Types of Ip Address

Every individual business or individual with an internet service plan will have two types of IP addresses:

• Private IP address – is used inside a network.

• Public IP address – is used outside a network.

Locating Your Routers Ip Address on Windows

With that brief view of Ip addresses, let’s learn how to locate the router’s Ip address on windows. There are two ways to achieve this.

a) Through Network and Sharing Center

b) Using the Command Prompt (CMD)

Finding Routers Ip Address in the Network and Sharing Center

• Click on the Start Menu on the bottom left corners of your PC

• Click on the Settings icon

• Click on the Network & internet option

• Click on the Network and Sharing Center

• Choose how you’re connected to your router. If you’re connected to a router via Wi-Fi, choose Wi-Fi, and if you are hardwired to a router, choose Ethernet.

• A new window will open. Click on the Details button

• A new page showing two things will open; your device’s Ip address and the router’s Ip address (IPv4 Default Gateway)

Finding Routers Ip Address Using the Command Prompt

• In the search bar of the Windows tray, type Run and select it. Alternatively, you can press Windows+R on the keyboard to open the Run Window.

• Type CMD or Command Prompt in the prompt and click OK

• When the Command prompt opens, type in ipconfig. Press enter.

If you’re connected via Ethernet, your routers Ip address will be displayed beside Default Gateway, under the section Ethernet adapter Ethernet

If you’re connected via Wi-Fi, your router’s Ip address will be displayed beside Default Gateway under the Wireless LAN adapter Wi-FI section.


An Ip address is a thread of four numbers assigned to an internet-connected device. Your PC uses it to communicate with other websites and computers. Essentially, Ip addresses are how computers on the internet recognize one another.

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