How To Change Signatures On Iphone And Ipad

How To Change Signatures On Iphone And Ipad

iPhone and iPad are quite advanced and convenient devices in the corporate world. These devices make work easy, mainly when sending emails and documents that require a signature. You can set up a personal signature on these devices such that you will not require printing documents to sign manually before sending. With an iPad and iPhone device, you can set up a signature to send your documents online.

What happens when you no longer want to sue the current signature?

The good thing with iOS devices is that they allow you to create as many signatures as possible using different wordings and designs. However, note that the signatures you create can only be used with different emails as the devices do not support multiple signatures use with the same email.

Hence, this is where the signature change comes in. As you need to maintain the same email address, especially for business sake, you can always change the signature on your device to use with the same email.

Here are steps to follow if you want to change your signature on your iPhone and iPad.

Go to the settings on your device and scroll down to the email setting.
Tap on the “per account,” and the different email addresses with signatures you have created will display.
Then tap on the email you wish to change the signature and scroll down to the signature option.
Then type in your new signature by deleting the old one.
If you only have a single email signature, go straight to the email, tap on it, and type a new signature.
Then tap “mail,” and your new signature will display at the bottom.
You can test your new email by sending a dummy email to your other accounts or a friend to make sure your new signature has been saved.

It is easy that to change the signature on your iPad and iPhone devices. Follow these steps when changing your signature. If the signature does not appear after changing, refresh your device and repeat the process.

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