How To Breathe Life Into Your Aging Mac Computer

Is Your Old Mac Computer Slowing Down Heres How To Give It A New Life

How To Breathe Life Into Your Aging Mac Computer

Mac computers perform several heavy tasks at a time; thus, they can slow down with age. It can happen to every Mac user later or sooner. Therefore, It is essential to boost your Mac computer whenever facing unresponsive windows and slow load time.

What Should You Do When Your Mac Is Running Slow?

There are several potential causes that you can check whenever you find your Mac computer is running slowly. It is not advisable to always hand over your Mac computer to an Apple Genius whenever it starts to slow down. Your Mac computer’s start-up disk may not have enough free disk space, or an app is not compatible with your Mac. If the CPU is overwhelmed by an app, everything on your system will slow down.

You can attempt to try some of the manual fixes, such as restarting. Is your old Mac Computer slowing down? Here’s how to give it a new life.

Remove Apps You Do Not Use Any More

Browse through your Applications folder and check out for programs you don’t need anymore. Uninstall them and free up your hard disk space.

Free Up Hard Drive Space

Nothing will slow down your aging Mac computer more than too much on your hard drive. It will therefore take your Mac computer long to sort through to find out what you want.

If your drive is filled with staff, delete or move it to a cloud service like Google Drive.

Buy An SSD

An SSD (Solid State Drive) grants you much faster access to your files. They are advantageous, such that they do not get overly stuffed; thus, you don’t have to worry about clearing up older files and apps.

Close Memory Hogging Processes

In your Applications folder, see if anything is hogging a lot of memory. If there is any, kill the process and give your Mac computer a break.

You can also check into the Activity Monitor to see processes using up the most memory. Quit the processes by clicking the X button on the top left of the Activity Monitor window.

Closed Unused Tabs In Your Browser

An open tab in a browser does take up memory. Even if it is a small amount, the space it takes can build up if you are the type of person who opens more tabs daily and never closes them.

Develop a habit of closing out the tabs once you are finished with them.


Mac computers are expensive and great computers. Buying one will be an investment. Therefore, you should select a top-quality product that will serve you for long. However, as the Mac computer ages, it will tend to slow down. We advise you to apply the above tips to keep it running in tip-top shape.

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