How To Add Remove And Edit Credential Manager In Windows

How To Add Remove And Edit Credential Manager In Windows

Credential manager, also known as digital locker, lets you view, add, back up, restore or delete your saved credentials for signing in to websites, connected networks, and applications. Besides, it also automatically stores your login credentials, such as addresses, passwords, and usernames.

The information can be stored by local computers, other computers in the LAN, and servers or internet locations. The credentials can be divided into:

• Windows credentials

• Web credentials

• Generic credentials

• Certificate-based credentials

How To Remove Or Clear Credential Manager In Windows

Suppose you have issues opening your Office applications such as Skype, OneNote, Outlook, Word, etc., after you’ve changed the Office365 password. In that case, you may well possibly have to clear Credential Manager in Windows.

i. Close all applications

ii. From the Start menu, select Control Panel

iii. Click User Accounts

iv. Click Credential Manager

In the Windows credentials and Generic Credential’s section, remove all stored credentials:

i. Select the Credential/account

ii. Click Remove

iii. Click Yes

iv. Repeat the steps till you remove all credentials

v. Close the Control Panel window

After you’ve cleared any stored credentials, now it’s time you need to update. You can manually add or edit them. Here are the steps:

i. Open Control Panel

ii. Click on User Accounts

iii. Click on Credential Manager

iv. Click the Windows Credentials tab

v. Select the account

vi. Click the Edit button

vii. Update the password and username as necessary

viii. Click the Save button


Ideally, it is not safe to remove stored credentials. However, if you delete a credential, you’ll have to manually enter your password and username the next time you visit the store or other site. If you have the correct AutoComplete settings, the new login data will be saved. We believe we’ve covered all you need to learn how to add remove and edit credential manager in Windows.

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