Top 5 Platforms to Build Your B2B Community

Top 5 Platforms to Build Your B2B Community

As a professional, it’s essential that you are part of a community that can help you not only push your career agenda but also makes communication easier. Especially with the pandemic and the shift towards remote working, a community can benefit data scientists and software engineers, among others. Below, we give you an outline of 5 excellent platforms to build your B2B community.

1. Tribe

With tribe, it’s easier for the user to integrate it with the available active software. It helps with retaining customers, accentuating user engagement, and adding to the lifetime value of the user. It comes with features like shares, likes, and upvotes, making it possible to have a community website that encourages engagement and discussions.

2. Website Toolbox

Website Toolbox makes is another community platform that makes offers an easy way to own a platform. It offers the user an option of standing alone and also opting for the desired theme from a variety. It comes with integrations like Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, among others. It also helps the user to earn through subscriptions, advertisements, and other plans like donations.

3. Crowdbstack

For Crowdstuck, it’s an extension of the user’s website and works to help the audience to go up. It makes it possible for the user to come up with their own rule of engagement as well as making their content private. Besides, it comes with User Generated Marketing that helps to skyrocket the user base.

4. Forumbee

Forumbee is a community platform that works to enhance customer engagement as well as scale product support with an online community at the center of it. With its customer support, you’re able to add value to your customers by empowering them. It also adds to employee engagement and collaboration. The platform is also designed in a way that you can easily customize it for Q&A sessions, storming for ideas, and any kind of discussion.

5. Glue Up

The good thing about glue-up is that it aids in pacing up networks while growing your community. It’s not just about its powerful solutions but innovative networks as well. It offers a community, event, and membership management suite that make it possible to effortlessly handle an interactive community.

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