Sheppard Software Review

Sheppard Software Review

The internet is full of things, both the good and the bad. It’s, therefore, a parent’s responsibility to guide their children on the proper way of using it. And one way they can do that is by letting them engage in educative games and activities on the internet.

That’s where websites like Sheppard come in. This site offers online learning games to kids that help sharpen their brains. Read this review to understand the Sheppard Software and decide whether or not to let your child use it.
What Is Sheppard?

It is a free online educational website that has various learning games for kids. The content on this site can cater to all kids, regardless of their age and ability level.

Kids can access learner-based content in a safe online space. The games available revolve around several subjects like science, math, geography, etc. Apart from games, there are quizzes, activities, and articles that entertain users.
How Much Does Sheppard Cost?

The site is completely free to use. While it has minimal ads and commercials, it doesn’t charge anything. However, if you don’t want to see any commercial at all, you can pay an annual fee of $36.

But don’t worry about the advertisements as they don’t affect one when playing the game. However, we recommend the premium version for parents planning to leave their children unattended to avoid surprise purchases.

Also, note that you’ll have to download the adobe flash player for the site to work.
Should My Child Use Sheppard Software?

Yes. The site offers various benefits to children, including;

• Remedial help for children struggling with academic concepts

• Entertainment content

• Allows users to do their homework if their school uses this site

• Reinforces what the child learned in school

What parents mostly love about this site is that it;

Offers Age-Appropriate Content
The software breaks down content by age group. They divide their content for pre-schoolers, elementary learners, middle school pupils, and adult learners.

This site is suitable for younger learners. But still categorizing content by age is something to appreciate.

Has an Intuitive Website Layout and Design
Once you understand the layout, it’s easy to navigate through. You can click different sections to find what you are looking for. Also, there’s nothing inappropriate for kids. So parents don’t need to worry about their children stumbling into anything creepy.
Sheppard Software Pros

The website is free
Offers educative and entertaining content to children
Covers many subjects
Users can easily get what they are looking for
Sheppard Software Cons

Old school graphics, which may be quite upsetting
Kids can get distracted by the many available games
The site is suitable for younger kids

The high-quality content and free price make this software an incredible learning tool for children. The graphics might be old school, but the value this software provides can’t be ignored.

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