Qi Software

Qi Software

When it comes to solving information and asset management, Qi is an online software tool that provides reliable solutions. Regardless of their size, various organizations and businesses use the Qi software to manage, publish, and share any content, including collections. Qi software incorporates built-in features that offer flexible, accessible, and faster web-based collection management services.

Key features of Qi software

The main features of the Qi software include;

It incorporates a full read/write RESTfu API.
The software has standard built-n audit trials and passwords.
It also incorporates a picklist as standard.
For data entry purposes, the Qi software integrates thesaurus as standard.
Additionally, the software incorporates a report writer, screen designer, and flexible data structure, all as standards.
The functionality of Qi Software

Many organizations that use Qi software enjoy the liberty of its collaboration and ease of use. The software is easily customizable to adjust to the company’s content types. Being Spectrum 5 compliant, Qi can support various international standards, including RDA, CDWA, MARC21, ISAD(G), and others. This feature indicates that the software accommodates any collection type. With Qi software, companies nowadays do not need middleware as it functions towards incorporating several repositories.

The Qi software can use cloud or dedicated modern web servers for efficient functionality, but the Digital Ocean or AWS is the most preferred for this purpose. The Qi software can also operate using various operating systems, including Windows, OSX, and Linux. However, of the three operating systems, Linux is the most ideal. The Qi architecture integrates within broad companies’ website architecture to easily integrate multi-layered narrative and contextual information.

Qi software functionality varies from other vertical collection management solutions in multiple ways. The main variation is that the collection Online in Qi can be an added section of the entire website. This way, it becomes complete, incorporated with multipurpose links sent and received from other sections.

Benefits of Qi Software

This web-based software offers a wide range of benefits to small, medium, and large organizations. Some of the benefits of using Qi software to solve information, collections, and asset management problems include:

The software provides support for each information unit and the entire 21 Spectrum 5 procedures.
The software offers support for auto-translate and other multilingual content.
It offers support for PUT, POST DELETE, and GET techniques.
The software supports more than four hundred file types.
While supporting video transcoding, the Qi software also supports automated thumbnailing.
Limitations and difficulties of Qi Software

While the single user price comprises the core Qi modules like collection management, digital asset management, content, authority management, and online access, it doesn’t include users management and configuration. However, these two can be incorporated as extras.


Since you are now knowledgeable on the Qi software’s features, functionality, benefits, and limitations, we hope you can decide whether to use the software in your organization.
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