Top 5 platforms to build your B2B community

When we scroll through our social media feeds, we often encounter various B2C brands with high engagement levels and a large number of followings. Being a customer, we only know about B2C brands that are killing it on social media. But various B2B brands have created their authority in their niche on different social media platforms. The reason behind why we don’t know about them is because these companies are very low in volume. Initially, B2B brands are not very inclined towards social media platforms. They used to rely on traditional methods of acquiring a new business, like cold calling and spreading their offline network.

These methods were effective in the past, but today we need to harness the power of social media and online communities to gain more engagement and productivity, whether you are a B2B company or B2C.

For instance, Novartis, a pharmaceutical company in Switzerland, has established a robust online presence by posting the relevant and engaging content related to healthcare. Another example of a B2B company having a strong online presence is “Hiscox.” Being a business insurance provider, Hiscox does not post self-serving or saleable content. They post content like business financing and entrepreneurship, which creates a connection with their audience.

Just like social media, building a robust online community also plays a vital role in keeping the engagement alive with your customers. The only drawback social media holds against the online community is that your competitors are also present on social media platforms, which makes engagement challenging. Here, online communities come into play. Your online community is your space, which is governed by you.

In this article, we are listing five platforms where you can build your B2B community for better engagement:

Higher Logic

Higher Logic focuses on building an engagement platform that brings everyone together and enables them to share their journey. You can create new connections and engage with your employees and customers on Higher Logic. You can also retain your users with engaging and personalized content.

Higher Logic provides platforms like polls and forums, which help you connect with your customers and resolve their problems faster. It offers a unique gamification interface that makes engagement more enjoyable, and it helps you retain your customers.


Hivebrite is an online community platform fully equipped with the essential tools required to build and manage your community. You can customize the platform as per your need. You can set the sign-up mode and choose how users can join your community. You can also make customized profiles and manage access rights.

Hivebrite enhances your brand presence by giving you options for changing and swapping colors. Hivebrite is loaded with a comprehensive set of features. You can activate and deactivate these features as per your needs.

Hivebrite has a powerful administration dashboard where you can manage your member’s database. You can boost your engagement by diving into analytics and reports. Hivebrite makes communication easy with its in-app message feature and notifications. You can also manage events with external participants and simplify your workflow by setting online payments for such events.


QuestionPro enables you to conduct online surveys and collect feedback from your customers. You can design your perfect survey by adding multiple questions. QuestionPro provides real-time dashboards that make analysis easier. Unlike other tools, QuestionPro has the option of free usage.

The data derived from these surveys can be used to make more strategic and customer-oriented decisions.


BONDAI is an A.I powered platform where large companies can build their community and improve their engagement. You can invite customers, partners, employees, and influencers on your platform. You can also share high-value content through forums and contests.

You can also offer various discounts and exclusive offers to your users. Its gamified interface makes users stick to your platform. BONDAI can be used by financial services, insurance brokers, manufacturing companies, healthcare, telecom, franchise companies, and professional associates for better engagement between partners and employees.

BONDAI increases brand loyalty and reduces the customer churn rate. You can create an engaged community with quality leads and increased sales. It’s A.I identifies potential trends, opportunities, and threats and helps you in making well-informed decisions on time.

Salesforce Community Cloud

Salesforce Community Cloud enables you to build a customized platform for your community with few clicks. You can choose a customized template and theme that suits your brand.

You can add content and components to your site. Then connect the data and process all the information. Following these simple steps will enable you to make your customized platform for better engagement.

Your platform’s users can access the latest articles and update their accounts. Your customers can use your platform to resolve their queries as per their time frame. You can also communicate essential announcements on your platform. Salesforce Community Cloud enables other industry leaders to join your platform and discuss the issues. 


Effective communication is the key to smooth workflows. Your B2B community is your personal brand space, which can be used for exchanging relevant information and announcements. These platforms nurture your brand’s relationship with its employees, customers, and potential partners. Investing in an excellent B2B platform will yield long term results for your brand.

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