The “American Horror Story” Themed “Murder House” is Hosting a Big Event

A house, commonly known as the “Murder House,” featured in the first season of the hit American horror show titled “American Horror Show” is opening for a virtual public display. The event will be a first-ever of itself. The house owners Dr. Ernst von Schwarz and his wife Angela Oakenfold will be hosting the three-day-long continuous virtual event that will start on October the 29th, Thursday, and will end on November the 1st, Sunday.

A minute by minute telecast will be brought to you by 15 cameras that will be positioned across the 10,000-square foot house. The event will be live for 24 hours throughout the Halloween weekend.

If you are interested in witnessing this live event, you can buy the ticket for it; otherwise, you also have the option to be the few lucky ones who will get a chance to get inside the house. Six lucky candidates (two each night) will be invited inside the house to explore (especially that terrifying basement), but their movement will be telecasted live to the worldwide audience. Interestingly though, a doctor will be available inside the house in case any mishap happens. Spooky stuff. Right?

The VIP guests who will be present at the event include James Long, who will lead the first paranormal investigation program, Patti Negri, who is the famous psychic and a witchcraft expert, Michelle Belanger-a vampire expert and an acclaimed author, historian Lisa Morton, card reader Sasha Graham, Satish Dholakia, psychologist Dr. Waguih Ishak, and Ernst von Schwarz.

The virtual event ticket is priced at $25, and you can get it at

FX series “American Horror Story” is a horror genre anthological show overseen by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk.

When we say it’s an anthological series, then it means that each season is a separate story told in a miniseries format, and the actors who appeared in one season may or may not appear in another. The best aspect of this show is the fact that a real-life event inspires some stories.

The series mainly stars “Ratched” star Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, and Lily Rabe in almost every season. Other recognized actors on the show include Frances Conroy, Kathy Bates, Denis O’ Hare, Jessica Lange, Emma Roberts, Jamie Brewer, Angela Bassett, and Finn Wittrock.

“The Murder House” was the subtitle given for the first season of “American Horror Story.” The story explored a family’s terrifying experiences when they moved to a house haunted by its former residents.

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