How to Use Windows 10 Clipboard History to Pin Text and Images

A Clipboard is a space where all your copied data appears before it is pasted to the destination place.

Clipboard history was introduced along with the Windows 10 update version. Clipboard history stores the old copied content to get you to hold onto it if you forgot to place it to the destination. It can carry up to 25 copied items, erasing the older ones than that.

If you do not tag down your content on the Clipboard, the Clipboard will refresh each time you restart your system.

How to Use Clipboard History in Windows 10?

The steps to use Clipboard History in Windows 10 are:

         1.  Tap on the ‘Start’ option and go to the ‘Windows Settings’ by tapping the ‘gear’                                                         symbol on the beginning menu. The alternate console way to open the ‘Windows Settings’   straightforwardly is ‘Windows + I.’  

        2. Next window shows up with a rundown of choices, select ‘System’ from the same.

        3. Tap on the ‘Clipboard’ option on the and turn the slider on for ‘Clipboard History.’

Following the steps above will enable the Clipboard history, and you can disable the settings anytime.

How to Pin Texts and Images to the Clipboard History in Windows 10
Enabling Clipboard history is the first and foremost step to pin the texts and images.

The steps to pin content to the Clipboard History in Windows 10 are:

  1. Press ‘Windows + v’ on the keyboard of your PC/Laptop.
  2. The pop-up window will appear near the window you’re using or the lower right corner of the screen if all the windows are minimized.

As mentioned above, the recently copied text appears at the top, while the old ones appear at the bottom.

  • There are only two steps to follow to clip a text or image in the Clipboard history. Tap on the three-dotted option next to the data you want to pin. Select the ‘Pin’ option from the pop-up menu.

Pinning down your content will make sure that you don’t lose your recent data even if you restart your computer or clear other histories.

You can un-pin the content as well by following the same method. Tap on the three-dotted option next to the data you want to unpin. Select the ‘Unpin’ option from the pop-up menu.

To quickly work with pinned content and save time, press ‘Windows + V’ and select the content from the pinned list. It’ll directly get pasted on the application you’re working with.

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