How to Promote Your YouTube Channel

This free of cost application lets users across the world watch videos regarding news, sports or entertainment. Founded in 2005, YouTube has now become one of the most visited sites. Currently, there are around 2 billion active users on YouTube making it the second largest search engine after Google. You can watch or create videos regarding entertainment, knowledge, health, tech and more through this platform and share with your audience. But to gain widespread attention requires a broad audience.

To grow your channel on YouTube, you will have to find out ways by which you can reach a more significant number of viewers. You can do it by trying out new formulas every time to check whichever works well for your channel. Although there are various websites which are offering paid promotions including YouTube itself, if you are a beginner and have recently started your page, then you should always put your efforts first to increase your page reach. It is because the content is what matters the most. If the content which you are uploading is relevant and has humor, there are higher chances that you may get success in getting the number of views and subscribers which you have always desired and that too without even running an ad campaign. So, what matters the most is that you should upload relevant and quality content from time to time.

Below we have mentioned some tips and suggestions which you should perform while you create and upload the content.

Smart Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel

These tips and ideas mentioned below will not only help you interact and engage a higher number of audiences on your channel, but they will also help you learn the fundamentals that every one person should know, to make your channel successful on YouTube.

  • Write Interactive & Engaging Titles

The first and foremost way by which you get the attention of the audience is to put engaging titles on your videos. It all depends on what kind of title you put on the videos when you upload them. If your title is interactive, you will receive a broader engagement on your videos. The best way to get an idea about this is to see what others do when they upload videos on their channels and how they get so much engagement on their videos. To gather information on this, you can view some top channels in the field of entertainment, sports or news. See what kind of titles they use while they upload any video on their channels and learn from them. Note down some of the leading and vital keywords from their channel, which you think will help you in engaging the audience on your videos. You will have to try various keywords and check whichever suits ideally and helps you in engaging the audience on your videos. Some of the suggested ways by which you can start the title of your videos are: “How to….” “Best of….” “Stop doing…” “5 ways to…/10 was to…” and so on. Make sure you are not using a lengthy title. Your titles should be short, precise and engaging.

  • Set Up Search Engine Optimization for Your Channel

It is a process of growing channel or website’s engagement even without running any ad campaign. The process is related to increasing the visibility of the site or channel. If a user searches for any particular topic or keyword, they can find your website/channel link in their web search results in the early results. You can test it by yourself by typing any keyword in the search engine, and you will get the list websites or channels related to that keyword in the web search results. There you can see the very first page of the search result is loaded with websites which have used that keyword. Being the second largest search engine, users on YouTube search for videos related to any particular information in the same way as they search on a browser. So, for better engagements on your channel, you will need to set appropriate titles, keywords, and tags on your videos. Also, make sure you have mentioned the category to which your video belongs. Doing this will help your video come in the search results along with the other videos belonging to that particular category.

  • Search on Trending Topics and Present Them in Unique Way

When there is a topic which is getting popular day by day among the viewers, then that topic can also be presented by you in the form of a video and express you can give your opinion on it. It will let you engage the audience very quickly. Public loves to watch videos related to a topic which is in trend. Search for topics which you think are popular in the field of entertainment, knowledge, health, education, sports or events. You can make videos expressing your opinion or providing relevant information or incidents which might have happened on that topic.

  • Engage with the Audience

Interacting with the audience is the best way to get engagements on your channel. It can be done by creating live sessions for the audience and giving them giveaways, shoutouts and instant replies. Reply or react to the comments of the audience. If you are uploading any video within a short duration, let the audience know about it before you upload it. It can be done by creating a post with an image related to that video informing everyone that your video is coming in a short duration. To get better engagements on your channel, you can promote your channel by sharing links to your videos on other platforms.

  • Create Engaging Thumbnails

YouTube can pick up a snap of any particular time interval from your video and make it your video’s thumbnail. But you do get an option of creating a custom thumbnail for your videos. You can create interactive thumbnails which can result in grasping the attention of the users in seconds. Applying thumbnails to your videos make them look impressive as well as professional and also engages users to your videos.

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