How to Change Signatures on iPhone and iPad?

An email signature is a specific block of text that is inserted at the bottom of the outgoing email message. Usually, it contains various information like email ID, contact info of your business, URL, etc. Although on Mac, we get several features for creating and using email signatures, on iOS, the features are limited. Still, you can easily create separate email signatures for every email account you have. You may easily include a good-looking HTML signature. In case you wish to change your iOS signature, then the process is very straightforward.

Follow these instructions to change Email signatures directly on your iPhone and iPad:

Changing Signatures on iPad and iPhone for Every Email Account

Here are the steps to change email signatures on your iOS device:

  • At the start, hit the gear-shaped icon to launch the Settings page.
  • Then, scroll down the page and select the option “Mail.”
  • Now, scroll down and then choose “Signature.”
  • Hit the Per Account tab. Now, you can see that every email account has a separate email signature.
  • Tap the new signature where needed.
  • Then, hit the Mail option.
  • The newly created signature will be automatically displayed at the lower portion of your new email messages.

Setting up Rich HTML Signatures on your iOS Device

Follow these steps to create the rich HTML signature for your Mac or another gadget:

  • First and foremost, send an email to yourself that consists of a rich HTML signature.
  • Then, press the Mail tab on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Now, open the inbox section of your mail.
  • After that, double-click the email message to open.
  • Choose the signature and then press the Copy option.
  • Turn to the Home Screen and then hit the Settings tab.
  • Press the Mail option there.
  • Select the Signature tab and proceed.
  • Tap and hold the existing signature and then select the option Select All.
  • After that, hit the Paste tab.
  • Now, once you paste your respective signature, the Mail app will strip the same automatically to your original formatting.
  • Choose the mail option to save your new signature.
  • Now, this new signature will be automatically included in all your email messages from this point.

Adding Customized Email Signatures on iOS Devices

Here is how to add custom email signatures on your iPad and iPhone:

  • First of all, double hit the Setting icon to launch the Settings page.
  • Once the Settings page successfully launched, then swipe down and then hit the Mail option.
  • Swipe downward on the screen and then choose the Signature option.
  • Type the signature you want on all the emails you send.

Note: If you have an iPad and iPhone and want to create signatures on both the devices, you have to set up the email signature on both the devices separately because they don’t sync automatically. To do so, follow the above steps carefully.

Pursue all the procedures mentioned above for setting up and changing email signatures with ease.

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