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Get Microsoft Office setup from, by entering the product key and logging into your account. Use Office apps and increase your productivity at work, school, and home.

Microsoft Office Suites

The main three Microsoft Office suites categories available for users are Microsoft Office for Home, Microsoft Office for Education, and Microsoft Office for Business.

Use on any device

Whether you are a businessman, student, or working professional, the Microsoft Office productivity suite will make things easier for sure. From computer and laptop to smartphone and tablet, you can easily access all the applications on all your devices.

24x7 Help

If you find it difficult to install or use the Microsoft Office products or have any other issues related to it, you can directly contact the support team. They are there for you whenever you need any kind of assistance.

What is Microsoft Office?

With Microsoft Office suite, Microsoft provides you set of applications to complete different tasks from time to time. The included applications are perfect for everyone and made specifically for enhancing the work speed of the users. Different suites are for students, individuals, and professionals, respectively. The price of Microsoft Office suite is based on the applications as well. It is easy to take a backup of your data with the use of Microsoft's cloud service.  The safety of your data is not a matter of concern after you back it up. Choose the best Microsoft Office product for you from

Best features of Microsoft Office:

  • Great tools for editing and formatting
  • Easy integration with OneDrive and Skype
  • Lets you easily change files extensions and formats
  • Outstanding data security with online products
  • Saves file information automatically with Auto-save
  • Sharing data with other users is easy
  • Excel filters are very helpful and easy to use

How to buy Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office suite can be easily purchased through the online website or offline store. After you get the dedicated product, you need to download, install, and activate it on your device to use perfectly. For activation and using all the features of the application, it is necessary to have the product activation key.

setup office

If you don't have a dedicated office account or can't access it easily through, go through the below-given steps thoroughly. These steps will help buy the desired plan accordingly:

  1. Firstly, you need to create a new account from, if you don't have one.
  2. After creating, visit the Microsoft Office website to access your account.
  3. Hit the dedicated 'Office' button on the website.
  4. Select the ideal plan among the shown options - for home, education, and business.
  5. Open another tab on your web browser now, and then access the registered account for saving the product activation key.

Microsoft Office Products

Microsoft Office for Education, Microsoft Office for Business, and Microsoft Office for Home are three main categories of Microsoft Office productivity suites. The associated applications are mostly exact, but the utilities are not the same. Let's check out the best Microsoft Office products:

  • Microsoft Office productivity apps: From MS Word to MS Excel to MS PowerPoint, and more, you get a different set of applications with Microsoft Office productivity suites.
  • Microsoft Teams: Collaborate with others and work perfectly with the use of Microsoft Teams.
  • Outlook: It is easy to check and send emails through Microsoft Office Outlook.
  • Skype: Call your clients or family members online by using Skype.
  • Xbox: Microsoft changed the overall gaming experience through Xbox.

Downloading, installation, and activation process

  1. Through your web browser, visit
  2. Choose the desired product and then hit the Download option.
  3. After you download the setup file of the preferred Microsoft Office product, install it by following the on-screen instructions.
  4. Once it is installed, activate it by using the product activation key that you saved earlier.
  5. Your Microsoft Office product is ready for use now.